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U.S.-Cuba Diplomacy; protests in Brazil; China's economy;
Tianjin explosion; Internet 'war'; the future of Europe;
the British left; plus the American right.   

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August 19, 2015  
U.S. Flag Raised at Embassy in Cuba
"U.S.-Cuba Diplomacy Comes out of the Shadows" William M. Leogrande, Peter Kornbluh -- Foreign Policy, August 14, 2015 
"Kerry Failed to Act on Human Rights in Cuba" Andres Oppenheimer -- Miami Herald, August 15, 2015
"Cubans Welcome John Kerry's Call for 'Genuine Democracy' in Country" Associated Press in Havana -- The Guardian, August 15, 2015
"U.S. Embassy in Cuba Formally Reopens" Tom McCarthy -- The Guardian, August 14, 2015
"The Meaning of a U.S. Embassy in Cuba" Yoani Sanchez -- The Atlantic, August 15, 2015

Mass Protests in Brazil
"What Brazil's Protests Mean" Jeffrey Lesser -- CNN, August 17, 2015
"Brazil's Rising Turbulence" The Editorial Board -- The New York Times, August 17, 2015 

China's Economic Woes
"China's Risky Money Game,"  Robert Samuelson -- The Atlantic, August 16, 2015
"Presidential Candidates are Hung Up on China," William Pesek -- Bloomberg View, August 16, 2015 
"China's Economic Slowdown is the Biggest Story of the Year," Elliot Wilson -- The Spectator, August 15, 2015
"China's Policy Nightmare" Scott MacDonald -- National Interest, August 14, 2015

Explosion in Tianjin
"After Tianjin, an Outbreak of Mistrust in China," Jiayang Fan -- The New Yorker, August 15, 2015
"China explosions: What we know about what happened in Tianjin" BBC, August 17, 2015 
"China's Response to the Tianjin Explosions," Krishnadev Calamur - The Atlantic, August 17, 2015

Japan"The Endless Debate Over Japan's World War II Actions" Rowan Callick --  Real Clear World, August 17, 2015
"Abe Statement Was Vague in All the Wrong Places," Jeff Kingston -- The Japan Times, August 15, 2015

The Future of Europe
"After the Greek Deal: Three Dangers and Three Opportunities," Jacques Delors, Gerhard Cromme, Henrik Enderlein, Pascal Lamy, Antonio Vitorino -- Institut Delors, July 22, 2015
"Calais Migrants: "They Forget We're Human"," Owen Jones -- The New Statesman, August 17, 2015 Internet
"West Needs to Up the Ante in Infowar," Peter Pomeranstev -- The Moscow Times, August 17, 2015
"Russia Uses Army of 'Trolls' to Sway Sentiment Online,"  Aliyah Sternstein - The National Journal, August 17, 2015

The British Left
"We Tories are in a State of Disbelief About Jeremy Corbyn," Boris Johnson -- The Telegraph, August 16, 2015 
"Corbyn Offers Only Angry Defiance" David Miliband - The Guardian, August 17, 2015 

The American Right
"Republicans Outsource Their Foreign Policy," Josh Rogin -- Bloomberg View,  August 14, 2015 

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