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Inside ISIS; U.S. Approach on Refugees; Russia and Iran;
Ukraine and Syria; Terrorist Attacks on Mali;
China; Myanmar; CSIS Global Forecast

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November 25, 2015  

Inside ISIS
Is ISIS Good at Governance? Mara Revkin and William McCants (WACA's December Cover to Cover featured author) -- Brookings Institution, November 20, 2015
Telling the Truth about ISIS and Raqqa David Remnick -- The New Yorker, November 22, 2015
Inside the Surreal World of the Islamic State's Propaganda Machine Greg Miller and Souad Mekhennet -- The Washington Post, November 20, 2015
How the U.S. Got ISIS's Finances All Wrong Michal Addady -- Fortune Magazine, November 19, 2015

The U.S. Approach on Refugees
White House Struggling to Sell Refugee Argument to Wary Dems Mike Lillis -- The Hill, November 19, 2015
Syrian Refugees in the U.S. Explained in Graphics Paul Blake -- BBC, November 20, 2015
The Crisis of World Order Robert Kagan -- The Wall Street Journal, November 20, 2015
Why Obama Is Standing by the Syrian Refugees Peter Beinart -- The Atlantic, November 23, 2015

Russia and Iran
Putin Visits Iran Brenda Shaffer -- The Washington Institute, November 20, 2015
Russian President Pays a Visit to Iran Bearing Gifts Oren Dorell -- USA Today, November 23, 2015
Russia Aims to Clinch $21bn in Export Deals with Iran Peggy Hollinger -- Financial Times, November 22, 2015

Ukraine and Syria: Russia Fighting on Different Fronts
Daunting Challenges and Glimmers of Hope in Ukraine James F. Collins -- Carnegie Endowment, November 20, 2015
As Sabotage Blacks Out Crimea, Tatars Prevent Repairs Ivan Nechepurenko and Neil MacFarquhar-- The New York Times, November 23, 2015
Putin Blasts Syria with New Stealth Missile David Axe -- The Daily Beast, November 19, 2015
We Have to Work with Putin Terrell Jermaine Starr -- The Washington Post, November 19, 2015

Terrorist Attacks in Mali
Defiance and Necessity Spur Mali Back to Normal After Attack Dionne Searcey -- The New York Times, November 22, 2015
After Mali and Paris, When Will This Latest Wave of Terror Attacks End? Jason Burke -- The Guardian, November 21, 2015

China Facing the Problems of Democracy
A Year after Democracy Protests, Hong Kong Voters Flock to Polls Michael Forsythe -- The New York Times, November 23, 2015
Lack of Understanding about China to Blame for Hong Kong's Problems Tony Cheung -- South China Morning Post, November 21, 2015

Myanmar's Internal Challenges
Myanmar Mine Disaster Highlights Challenges for Suu Kyi Shibani Mahtani -- The Wall Street Journal, November 23, 2015

CSIS 2016 Global Forecast
2016 Global Forecast Craig Cohen and Melissa G. Dalton -- CSIS, 2015

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