Minnesota International Center - A World Affairs Council

Individual Memberships

Double the Power of the Personal!

With spring comes an opportunity for you to double your dollars! Generous donors have contributed to a Challenge Grant fund that will match your new, renewed and increased gift to the Minnesota International Center dollar for dollar!


Membership is MIC's most important source of support. Each membership level - from student to head of state - has its benefits and, equally importantly, contributes to the support of international education. These programs ensure communities and schools throughout the state have access to international information and speakers.

MIC programs connect people with one another - a simple process with a profound impact. Last year more than 38,000 attendees from 117 countries and regions participated in MIC's 1,600 activities. Members receive special notice of and discount on MIC's diverse offerings that put a human face on global affairs.

Join MIC today and begin to participate in:

  • Programs focusing on political, economic, social and cultural themes;
  • Opportunities to network with globally-minded people who share a passion for international topics;
  • Small group discussions held at MIC or other locations focusing on important foreign policy issues of the day;
  • Programs for Minnesota K-12th graders and their teachers to hear first-hand perspectives from international speakers;
  • Thought-provoking presentations by ambassadors, journalists and scholars covering complex issues around the world;
  • Person-to-person diplomacy - helping MIC to bring hundreds ofinternational leaders to Minnesota under the auspices of the U.S. State Department's International Visitor Leadership Program to exchange ideas across professions and borders.


Call MIC at 612.625.1662 with your credit card information